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Exit Through The Gift Shop, Sundance Film Festival

Exit Through The Gift Shop was released during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Attendees were curious to see what Banksy had in store, as the film presented by his camp could not be found in the festival’s programming.

The only clues to Banksy’s participation in the film festival were the stencils that popped up on some of the buildings around the city.

In true Banksy fashion the affair was wrapped up in mystery, as the documentary directed by the Scarlet Pimpernel of street art, using film footage Mr. Brainwash had accumulated in the ten years he followed a number of street artists with his camera during it’s rebirth, was unveiled for the first time to the public eye.

The documentary was a huge hit among Sundance attendees, you can read more about the event on The Guardian.

Madonna’s “Celebration” Album Cover

Madonna, being highly attuned to the growing trends in art and contemporary culture, assigned the task of creating the cover art for her third greatest hits album, “Celebration”, to Mr Brainwash.

As a nod to New York’s graffiti culture, since at a point in time Madonna was an active witness of, because of her relationship with Jean-Michel Basquiat while she was working on her eponymous debut album and origins, the collaborative likeness of Queen Madge were found wheat-pasted on walls of the Meatpacking District in Manhattan.

In addition to the album cover, Mr Brainwash produced works for the cover of the “Celebration” DVD cover for the video collection as well as the jacket for its vinyl release.

Mr Brainwash’s likeness of Madonna was also in full view of Times Square.

The Last Call With Carson Daly


Carson Daly paid Mr Brainwash a studio visit to conduct a two-part interview about street art, his beginnings and his (almost impossible to access) solo show in Los Angeles. In the interview, Mr Brainwash playfully explained his process and his views on how the streets have been turned into a public art gallery that anyone can enjoy.

Star Trek: The Enterprise Project


Star Trek: The Enterprise Project

April 15, 2009

Various graffiti, FX and pop artists from all over the world were invited to design their own interpretations of the USS Enterprise ship from Star Trek. The 34″ replicas were base on the actual 3D models that were used for the film, directed by JJ Abrams.

Mr Brainwash’s version of the USS Enterprise was that of a UPS delivery spacecraft and it was on view at the Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks, California.

Star Trek: The Enterprise Project

Obama Superman

Mr Brainwash took to the streets of Art Basel: Miami Beach and graced the Scope Pavilion with his rendition of newly-elected President Barack Obama, commemorating the historic event as this country seated its first African-American chief of state!

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The Cans Festival

The Cans Festival was the first British exhibit Banksy coordinated and curated in over three years and it featured the work of street artists worldwide, Brazil, Canada and Australia to name a few countries!

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