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Donation to The Brain Project Fundraiser


Donation to The Brain Project Fundraiser

Jan 4 , 2016

Mr Brainwash was among the 100 internationally known artists that were invited by The Brain Project, a program by the Baycrest Foundation in Toronto, to customize their own brain sculpture as a way to raise awareness, support and research into aging and brain health.

Artists of various art backgrounds – fashion, architecture, photography, painting, performance, were invited to design their own brain sculpture to be displayed in different venues across Toronto.

The public was invited to vote for their favorite designs and the sculptures were sold at an auction with the proceeds going to Baycrest Health Sciences for funding.

Madonna’s Hard Candy Gym Opening (Toronto & Mexico City)



February 1, 2014

Madonna approached Mr Brainwash, again, and asked the artist to take part in another collaboration, this time for the opening of her gym, Hard Candy Fitness in Toronto and Mexico City.

The Hard Candy Fitness opening in Toronto featured the live on-site creation of an 11 by 30-foot Madonna mural, designed by the artist himself.

Toronto Film Festival


Toronto Film Festival

September 18, 2011

Mr Brainwash continued to bring his art all over the world, making his Canadian debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011.

Mr Brainwash’s installations were placed all over the city. They included his signature eight-foot tall spray can sculptures, each one a different film genre, and life-size Canadian Mounties cutouts, armed with boom mics and cameras.

Everywhere Mr Brainwash went, he was able to create a pop art conversation with the city for which he created.
Mr Brainwash also contributed a print of Grace Kelly for the film festival’s exhibition “Movie Star to Princess” in honor of the late film actress.

“Life Is Beautiful” Solo Show In Toronto


“Life Is Beautiful” Solo Show In Toronto

September 8, 2011

Gallery One in Yorkville hosted a solo exhibition for Mr Brainwash in Toronto, Canada. This time it was more of a small, intimate affair as opposed to Mr Brainwash’s usual grand style that overtakes warehouse-sized spaces.

This event was one of the few projects he had been involved in for the city; he had contributed sculptures for the Toronto Film Festival as well as a screen print for a Grace Kelly exhibit.

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